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This year’s fundraising dinner for THSH took place on November 11th at 3:30PM. The start time was moved up in consideration of it getting dark earlier now, and many people prefer not to drive at night. This year’s check-in procedure also improved, as we sent emails to registered attendees a few days prior to confirm the number of people in each party, number of bento boxes, and registration ID. We asked everyone to give their registration IDs when checking in to speed up the process. The check-in process was indeed more efficient and wait times were reduced... (Continue reading) (Event photos)

On September 25th last year, THSH called for a team to join the B.I.G Love Cancer Care Fun Run, a fundraising activity to run /walk for the children cancer patients and their families. 35 people from our community participated in that event.  Together we donated more than $ 2,500, and our team was awarded with a 3rd place trophy of number registered. This year's event will be on December 10th, Sunday. We hope that we will have more people join us this year to participate in such a worthwhile, charitable event. (Online registration)

In 2017 CM planning committees established criteria to honor Hurricane Harvey responders (To read more about CM and THSH's engagement with CM). Yu-Ru Huang shared THSH’s service during Hurricane Harvey to the committee  – how did THSH display true “Citizenship” by serving fellow Houstonians during the storm, responded efficiently to the community’s needs during the crisis stage, helped to coordinate and organize relief systems, connected individuals to vital information and raised significant funds in order to make relief efforts possible. She also stated that THSH’s donation to relief fund was a collection of many Taiwanese American communities nationwide. In Citizenship Month’s 2017 reception to Honor Hurricane Harvey Responders, THSH was listed among many organizations to receive recognition for their service to city of Houston.


2017 Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston Fundraising Event Report - Helen Chiang

Houston Citizenship Month Celebration and the Recognition - Yu-Ru Huang

An Unforgettable Night in Houston - Kinglan Hung

Event Previews (Event Calendar)

December Events

Secret of Grandma's Kitchen
Time: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 2:30PM-4PM

Location: Grand Hall, Taiwanese Community Center
This event will include exhibits about food culture, an introduction to Taiwanese snacks, and food sampling.
Everyone is welcome to attend. (Online Registration)

How to Hire a Repairman
Time: Saturday, December 9th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

People often ask: “I want to fix my house, but I wonder which home repairman is better? We are inviting Ms. Cindy Twyman from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to advise us: where to find more information about this, how to find a reliable repairman, how to create a repair contract, where to file a complaint if unsatisfied with the work, how to come to a resolution, et. Surely lots of people have faced similar issues before. We hope her talk will help us to prevent potential conflicts.
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

BIG Love Cancer Care Fun Run/Walk
Time: Sunday, December 10th, 7:30 AM.
Place: Pearland Town Center
11200 W Broadway St #500
Pearland, TX 77584 (Map)
If you want to know more information about B.I.G love cancer care, please go
(Online Registration)

One Day Field Trip- Festival of Christmas Lights, Galveston, TX
Time: Tuesday, December 12, 4PM-9PM
Christmas holiday is coming and you can start seeing the hanging of Christmas lights everywhere.  It is very colorful and beautiful especially when you are seeing them at night, and it gives us a feeling of the festive and heartwarming season.  This year we are going to Galveston Moody Garden to see the Festival of Lights.  There are about one million Christmas light bulbs decorated around the Moody Gardens (about a mile long).  We can also take an overlooking at the nightly scenery of the Galveston Bay.  On the way back, we may also drive through the downtown area to see the Christmas decoration, please don’t forget to bring your camera.
Cost: Members $25, non-members $35. Includes $5 ticket and $15 dinner. (Online Registration)


January Events

Owls & Raptors
Time: Saturday, January 20th, 12:30PM~1:30PM
At the beginning of the year, two experts from the Houston Audubon Society came to introduce us to the traits of the migratory birds, where they are found, and how to protect them. Adults and children alike enjoyed the program very much, and now we have finally been able to invite their manager, Ms. Mary Anne Weber, to come talk about owls’ characteristics and their archenemies, etc. This will be an educational and meaningful lecture. She will be brining one or two owls and other raptors (predatory birds) and falcons, which will be sure to delight children.  (Online Registration)
Cost: Free for both members and non-members


One Day Field Trip to Toyota Motor Plant, San Antonio, TX
Time: Wednesday, January 24th, 8AM-6PM
Content: Many of our community members like to drive Toyota’s cars. Did you know that their Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks are built on the south side of San Antonio? This plant received the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates Silver Award. Someone suggested that we take a tour there. The tour will take approximately an hour and a half. We have specially reserved a spot for us to tour their facility, to allow everyone to learn about the automobile manufacturing process.  The plant has many safety measures, please make efforts to follow.  On the way back to Houston, we will have a short stop visit at the beautiful Brackenridge Park.  San Antonio actually has many attractions worth for a visit; hopefully we will have other opportunities coming back for another visit.
Cost: Members $17, non-members $22. (Event Registration)

Event Highlights

Dr. Nancy Greig, former director of the Cockrell Butterfly center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, gave us a talk about the Monarch butterfly on November 4. Monarch can’t survive the cold weather.  The plants they eat, milkweed, will freeze to death in winter. They start migrating south as early as the first week of September from the north like Idaho and arrive near Austin in early October. They finally arrive in Mexico in early November, stay about four months, and start breeding in February. They fly north in March, and back to the south of Canada. Texas is an important spot for butterfly’s migration. There are several butterfly centers in Texas. The Houston Museum of Natural Science Cockrell Butterfly Center is one of them. You are welcome to pay them a visit. If you want to know more information, please check out following website: (Event Photos)

On November 14th, Citizenship Month and The Houston Millennials recognized all community groups in the Houston area that participated in relief aid, donations, and helping victims in the aftermath of the late-August Harvey flooding. THSH was among them. Chairman Wen Hsiao was on business travel, so TCC Director Lain Wu and Yu-ru Huang attended in his place, taking a commemorative photo with Ms. Ashley Turner, daughter of the Houston Mayor Turner and chair of the event.

On Tuesday, November 21st, the crisp autumn weather made for perfect conditions for hiking. At 8AM, 33 members boarded the bus to go from the TCC to Texas’ oldest town, Nacogdoches. This was our second time visiting this historical Texas town this year. First, we visited the Ruby Mize Azalea Garden, the largest azalea garden in Texas. The garden has over 7000 azalea plants encompassing over 525 species from all over the world, plus 200 camellia plants and 180 Japanese maples. After lunch, we headed for the Old University Building, the oldest university chartered by the Republic of Texas and one of the most beautiful buildings in Texas. Here, we stopped to take a commemorative group photo. Then we arrived at Lanana Creek Trail, where we strolled the paths for about 30 minutes, experiencing the same scenery that Native Americans once did. At our last stop, we visited the Nacogdoches Visitor Center, where we watched a 10-minute film about the history of this town, and saw an exhibition on the first oil well in Texas (drilled in 1866 in Nacogdoches County). That concluded our itinerary for the day, and we arrived promptly back at the TCC at 6PM after dark.

Other Community News

TACL Toastmasters Monthly Activities

Eloquence and presentability in verbal communication has been known to help one's progress in life. The effects of learning the art of communication such as improved social skills, leadership skills, and charisma is lifelong benefits that greatly impact one's sense of achievement and happiness. We at the TACL Toastmasters Club strive to provide a safe and affordable environment for our members to improve their communication skills through public speaking.
We wants to make learning as fun as possible.  On October 31, we had a spooky good Halloween meeting, all the costumes were fantastic and the snacks were yummy!  Wands, hooks, knives and pumpkins were brandished, but all in good fun!  Shang spoke about our blind spots in life and how to cure it and Van led a 3 person debate on the pros & cons of Halloween.  We had two guests, Annie and Linh!
What a great meeting on November 6!  Last week's guest Annie heeded our welcomes and came back with her son, Daniel!  THREE other new guests as well, Manisha, Nitin, and Naren!   Patrick spoke about how Harvey changed people's hearts and Carol shared her adventures with riding camel & horse on her trip to Xinjiang on the Silk Road in China.  Nam led a fun topic session and we had smart evaluations from Sunny and Sherry.
Fun meeting on Nov. 13, everyone got to work on increasing their speaking prowess!  Kevin shared valuable tips to prevent identity theft, his expertise in this subject really benefits the audience.  Sunny led a deep topic session on our inner selves and the attendees have opportunities to speak up.
At TACL we are never encumbered by a lack of opportunities to speak!  Phil spoke about the new Pathways education program coming to Toastmasters and Shang spoke about thoughts and prayers in light of recent events.  The speech earns Phil another Advanced Leader Bronze, congrats!  On his way to a 2nd DTM Carol led a fun topic session on Thanksgiving and we all had a gobble gobble good time!

Houston Formosan Evergreen Association
Date :  December 9, 2017 (Saturday)
Time:  2:30PM - 4:30PM
Location:   Taiwanese Community Center (5885 Point West, Tel: 713-271-5885)
Program:  Members Annual Meeting, Sharing from the ADVANCED HEALTHCRE PROFESSIONAL, INC, and Light Exercise

December Newsletter of T. A. Archives 2017

TCC Announcements

  1. Monday, December 25 and Monday, January 1, TCC will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  2. Houston Zoo expert Ms. DeAndra M. Ramsey was slated to come on November 18th to talk about exotic animals, but due to an unscheduled trip out of town, was unable to come. We are temporarily canceling this session and will invite her at a later date next year.

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