Japhet Creek Natural Conservancy Cleanup

02/11/2017 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST


Japhet Creek Natural Conservancy
4600 Clinton Dr. @ Emile St.
Houston, TX 77020


二月十一日,星期六上午九點至十二點,台灣人傳統基金會將與本地其他社團一起清理公園。融入在地社區並且參與社區服務,一直是基金會的宗旨。過去同鄉們捐贈衣物或救災,及參加慈善健走活動,都是本著人溺己溺的愛心。這次我們更擴大參與美化環境工作。與其他社團共同美化東區的公園:Japhet Creek Natural Conservancy, 4600 Clinton@ Emile St,, Houston, TX 77020。其負責人, Ms. Carol Taylor, 曾在台灣天母的美國學校唸書。對台灣的印象很好。希望我們這次的參與,為我們帶來結交更多的朋友,也讓更多的人知道「 台灣」二字。為了感謝您的參與,基金會將贈送參加者T恤一件。

Parking (even for buses) is onsite:  As soon as you turn onto Emile St, take the first left before the bridge, and park in the grassy lot.
Nearby Restaurants:  On Navigation Blvd, there is a Jack in a Box, a Ninfa's and several other restaurants.  

    What to bring:  

          1. Yourself.   If you are under 18 years old, please bring 1 adult chaperone per 10 or fewer young people.
          2. Refillable water bottle with your name on it.
          3. Your camera to take memorable pictures,  
          4. If you are under 18 years old, please bring the attached release form signed by your  parent/guardian.
          5.  If you are over 18, we have an event check in table, where you may sign the Individual and Child Release form, or for Groups, a Group Release form. 


     What to wear:

           1. Long pants
           2. Old shirt 
           3. Long socks
           4. Closed toe shoes

     What do we provide:    
            1. Gloves and tools
            2. Sunscreen and mosquito  spray
            3. Introductory park information, safety information and park tour 
            4. Project direction.